Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery charges are always serious and the accused should take great care to hire the right lawyer. Domestic violence cases in particular are a minefield of ethical and tactical hazards that could easily trip up an attorney untrained in criminal law. Don’t pay the wrong lawyer thousands of dollars only to find out later that he or she did not know what they were doing! An experienced criminal lawyer like Joseph Goldberg-Giuliano will handle the matter properly.

A common misconception in Assault and Battery cases is the belief that a victim decides whether or not to press charges. In actuality, that decision is at the sole discretion of the Assistant District Attorney handling the case. Often the Commonwealth will continue to press forward, even if the victim expresses a wish to dismiss the case. In rare cases, the Commonwealth will even compel a witness to testify against her own wishes.

Thankfully, a skillful criminal defense attorney can work to squash the situation before it ever reaches that point. Attorney Joseph Goldberg-Giuliano has extensive experience handling Assault and Battery cases, and will aggressively work to resolve yours quickly and with as little pain possible. Remember that knowledge of the relevant law is paramount. Assault and Battery cases have many peculiarities that easily could be overlooked by the wrong lawyer. It is critical that a defendant hire the best Assault and Battery lawyer to fit his or her circumstances.