Marijuana Growing, Sales & Possession

Serious Penalties Can Be Involved

If you are convicted of marijuana growing or sales, you face more than just the loss of your freedom. Accusations of marijuana distribution or cultivation in a grow house could have dire consequences. Valuable assets could be seized, including your house. At the law office of Joseph J. Goldberg-Giuliano, Attorney at Law, Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano knows what is at stake when his clients are facing serious drug-related charges. He focuses on uncovering the facts and circumstances of your case and protecting your rights.

Aggressive Response to Aggressive Tactics

An arrest for marijuana possession and sales does not equal an automatic conviction. At times, law enforcement employs questionable tactics that violate the rights of their targeted suspect. Thermal imaging, while effective in some investigations, constitutes a search and requires the police to obtain a warrant first. Confidential informants can be unreliable and have their own agenda. Suspicious neighbors may have personal issues. All of these considerations should come into play when dealing with drug charges.
Some criminal defense attorneys will claim that a quick plea bargain is your best, if not only option. Founder Joseph J. Goldberg-Giuliano’s first objective is to have the charges dismissed or prevail in a jury trial. He is not quick to negotiate any reduction in charges until he has all the facts.

Clients throughout Massachusetts come to attorney Goldberg-Giuliano to even the odds against overly-aggressive law enforcement and prosecutors. For help, contact his Charlestown office at 617-858-1529.