Warrants and Wiretaps

Many people think that if the police search a home with a warrant, there is little to be done to defend the case. NOT TRUE! Warrants must be based on reliable information, and the police must remain within the scope of the warrant. In the 21st century wiretaps are not just phone “bugs.” Today, police can obtain warrants to track mobile phone conversations, instant messages, texts, emails and more.
In Massachusetts we also have “Blood Warrants,” which refer to warrants giving police permission to record conversations.

To properly defend cases involving this kind of surveillance, an attorney needs to have an understanding of technology, and the latest developments in the law concerning electronic information.

Many attorneys in Massachusetts have been practicing for a long time, but they are in the dark ages when it comes to technology. If your case involves the interception of recorded or electronic information, don’t entrust your future to a lawyer who still uses a typewriter.