Massachusetts University Student Defense

We all know our college years do not always involve the best decisions of our lives. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano is here to offer assistance when a poor choice may have negative consequences.

One bad decision does not need to spell the end of your college career or your time living on campus. When you turn to Joseph J. Goldberg-Giuliano, Attorney at Law, you will receive comprehensive defense before any university disciplinary board.

If you or your child has been charged with a disciplinary offense by their college or university, Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano can help. Call him to discuss your case during a free consultation. He can be reached by e-mail or by calling 617-858-1529.

In this day and age, expressing your opinion on campus can have devastating consequences. In some cases, if you say anything that is offensive to anyone, you may be looking at disciplinary action. In the words of a famous Supreme Court opinion, “It can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their Constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” Do not allow the forces of censorship to violate your fundamental right to self-expression. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano can help stop investigations and disciplinary proceedings before they start by reminding higher learning institutions of a student’s right to sue for money damages under state and Federal civil rights acts.

Seeking the proper representation can increase your chances of recovering from disciplinary charges. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano prides himself on offering comprehensive student defense at affordable rates.

Why Do I Need a Student Defense Attorney?

Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano’s work with student defense has allowed him to discover successful strategies. He often counsels his clients to perform community service or to ask for probation. These paths decrease the likelihood of a permanent record of your charges and can help greatly when applying for graduate school.

Colleges and universities keep detailed records on disciplinary action. Having a lawyer by your side can keep you from saying or doing anything that might harm you. You have a lot to be concerned about: Your future, your education and your ability to remain in on-campus housing.

The majority of attorney Goldberg-Giuliano’s student defense cases stem from off campus incidents that have been referred to the college by the local police. Examination of all police records and university policies can be crucial to mounting an effective student defense. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano works with students regarding any infraction, including alcohol, misconduct, and vandalism. He can also offer a successful defense against drug-related charges