Fighting and Preventing Restraining Orders

Finding the best restraining order Lawyer

In fighting the issuance of a restraining order, there is no substitute for courtroom experience. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano has such experience. Knowing the law is one thing, but knowing what to say—and what not to say—is critical. While judges have broad discretion about whether to issue the order, the best restraining order lawyers can often use the law and facts to leave a judge’s hands tied.

“Revenge” restraining orders

In Massachusetts, the restraining order system is often abused. Failed relationships and hurt feelings lead individuals to seek revenge through the court systems, rather than moving forward with their lives. For those targeted by these illegitimate restraining orders, the results can be devastating. He or she must immediately surrender all firearms and FID cards, and the harm to his or her reputation is severe and long-term. If you are the target of such a sham restraining order application, seek counsel immediately. Call attorney Goldberg-Giuliano at 617-858-1529.

Unwanted Attention is not enough

Persistent courtship, even if rejected, does not in itself justify a restraining order. Pestering and annoying behavior—even if it borders on harassment—is not enough for a 209a order unless the alleged victim has reason to fear for her physical safety. There is a different statute allowing for anti-harassment orders that may apply. However, too often people take the extreme step of filing for a 209a restraining order, merely because they feel “creeped out.” The right lawyer will help protect you if you’ve done nothing more than try to initiate a relationship. Call attorney Goldberg-Giuliano at 617-858-1529.

It’s your reputation. Who will argue for you?

What price can you put on your reputation? What is more important than the honor and respect you receive from your family, friends, collogues and neighbors? Too many people roll over and accept ill-conceived restraining orders as a fait accompli, when they could have prevented it by hiring the right lawyer. Don’t go it alone! You wouldn’t perform your own surgery or fill your own cavity. Only a professional courtroom advocate will properly convey your defense. Money comes and money goes, but your reputation follows you for a lifetime. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano, has the knowhow and courtroom experience you need to protect yourself. Call him now at 617-858-1529.