Boston Attorney Offering Defense For Drunk Driving Charges

Being charged with operating under the influence (OUI) can have a negative impact on your life. Getting behind the wheel after a few drinks can have negative consequences, both in terms of finances and jail time.

OUI, DUI or DWI charges don’t have to be the end of your otherwise successful life. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano can offer experienced defense of your drunk driving charges through detailed investigation of the arrest and the circumstances surrounding it.

You Are Facing the Toughest Drunk Driving Laws in the Nation

The 2004 passage of “Melanie’s Law” resulted in Massachusetts having the toughest drunk driving laws nationwide. Regardless of the severity of the penalties, you need to be aware of what you may face and the options you have if convicted of an OUI.

At the law office of Joseph J. Goldberg-Giuliano, Attorney at Law, attorney Goldberg-Giuliano always fights for the most beneficial outcome. Many attorneys may head straight for a plea bargain. However, attorney Goldberg-Giuliano takes a more methodical and aggressive approach that seeks to obtain a dismissal or acquittal in efforts to avoid conviction and sentencing all together.