Road Block OUI

Aggressive Pursuit of Drunk Drivers Could Violate Your Rights

Drunk driving road blocks provide a convenient way for police officers to stop drivers. However, making their job easier often violates the rights of Massachusetts residents that are already acting in a lawful way. Attorney Joseph J. Goldberg-Giuliano advocates for clients arrested based on searches and sobriety and breathalyzer tests conducted at OUI road blocks.

Dealing with an arrest at an OUI road block requires the experience and knowledge of a seasoned advocate who will look out for your best interests, Contact attorney Goldberg-Giuliano’s Somerville-based office at 617-858-1529.

The Legality and Limitations of a Road Block OUI

Drunk driving road blocks are becoming commonplace in Massachusetts. Challenges brought to the Supreme Judicial Court resulted in the body ruling that this type of law enforcement is legal. However, the SJC established limitations on police conduct during a road block check for sobriety. These limitations are sometimes ignored.

Road block OUIs often sink to the level of entrapment and racial profiling. At road blocks, the police determine if the driver is impaired and may also conduct searches for drugs, weapons or stolen property. Aggressive and often unlawful questioning may ensue.

Such actions are not based on probable cause, but on you being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Need for Advocacy When Facing Overwhelming Odds

Criminal defense attorneyJoseph J. Goldberg-Giuliano established his law firm to help clients facing overwhelming odds and powerful law enforcement entities. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano investigates every detail of the events leading up to an arrest. If your rights were violated in any way, attorney Goldberg-Giuliano will push to have evidence excluded and your charges dismissed.

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