Breathalyzer Test

When Poorly Maintained Breathalyzers Result in an OUI Charge

Breathalyzer results are not indisputable. Various makes and models provide different results. Poor maintenance can skew the numbers as well. Do not presume that blowing over the legal limit is a one-way ticket to a prison sentence or loss of your license.

The official breathalyzer test at the police station is not the same as the portable breathalyzer used at the scene. The latter device’s test results are not admissible in a Massachusetts court. The equipment used at the station may provide the documented results, but that does not mean it is a reliable blood alcohol reading. Based on the make, model and manufacturer, breathalyzers can have varied and highly inaccurate results.

The Facts About Breathalyzers and the Attorney That Knows Them

Your life should not be upended because of a poorly maintained and calibrated breathalyzer. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable about OUI defense strategies and the issues related to breathalyzers and their administration. Building a case based on the facts and providing aggressive representation could be a recipe for success and allow you to move on with your life.

Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano does not shy away from court if you are charged with an OUI following a breathalyzer test. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano does not believe in going for the immediate plea bargain. You have rights that need protection and making a deal often compromises those rights.