Field Sobrietary Test

In-Depth Analysis of Your Field Sobriety Test Results

Scientific value is sorely lacking in some types of field sobriety testing. The subjectivity in evaluating your performance can result in criminal charges, requiring you to retain aggressive and knowledgeable counsel.
A field sobriety test starts immediately after you are pulled over. The officer walking to your car is watching your actions from the start and preparing to question you. The subjective nature of this type of testing often leads to unreliable results and requires an attorney who aggressively takes a fact-based approach in building a criminal defense case.

Protection of Your Rights in Sobriety Testing

First and foremost, you have the right to refuse a field sobriety test. That information cannot be used against you in a jury trial because of the prejudicial nature of the information. If you have agreed to the sobriety test and the officer deviated from the State Police training manual, attorney Goldberg-Giuliano will use that information to build a defense and attempt to have the test results thrown out.