Prescription Drugs and OxyContin

Individuals facing drug related charges are in need of solid defense. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano has spent his career learning the intricacies of drug laws and offers competent and successful defense.

  • Sales or distribution
  • Cultivation
  • Trafficking
  • Street level deals

Skilled in Drug Related Defense

Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano’s practice centers on the client. He listens diligently to your concerns and examines the circumstances surrounding your arrest. He looks for holes in the prosecution’s case, and works to ensure that your constitutional rights were adhered to during your arrest. He knows the strategies behind a defense for drug charges, including examination of the officers’ search of your vehicle and the factors behind the initial search.

A thorough look at the circumstances surrounding your drug arrest includes:

  • Investigation of police conduct during the arrest. Was all evidence seized constitutionally and legally?
  • Probable cause. Many cases of drug arrest stem from a traffic stop in which the officer smells marijuana or sees what he thinks is a drug. These cases may be difficult for the prosecution to prove.
  • Examination of the arresting agent. Drug unit officers are more likely to abide by official policies and regulations. A patrol officer may not have knowledge of all procedures and may have violated your rights.
  • Understanding the procedure officers should follow can go a long way in preparing a proper drug defense.

What Can A Lawyer Do?

Hiring a lawyer for your drug case can greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano can file motions on your behalf, increasing the pressure on the prosecution to prove their case. He will work to have illegally seized evidence thrown out of court, reducing the charges against you.

Not all cases can be dismissed. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano will work with you to arrange a plea bargain that is suitable to your needs. He wants to arrive at the best possible ending to your case. This can include accepting reduced penalties.

A private home carries the highest expectation of privacy. An officer applying for a warrant must do so with great care in order to have the warrant pass judicial scrutiny. Any investigation that leads to an illegal search and seizure based on a faulty warrant is a direct violation of your rights. Attorney Goldberg-Giuliano will bring any irregularities to the attention of the courts in attempts to have your charges dismissed.

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