Minor in Possession

If arrested as a Minor in Possession of Alcohol, the consequences can be serious enough that it is wise to involve a lawyer.

It is a poorly kept secret that students between the ages of 18 and 21 commonly consume alcohol. Perhaps one of the most commonly violated laws in the Commonwealth lays at the intersection of alcohol and college students.

But just because it is common, that does not mean that the results cannot be serious. If a college student is convicted or admits sufficient facts on this charge, it can remain on his or her record for years to come. This information could be available to potential employers, creditors, and graduate schools.

Don’t let an overworked prosecutor funnel your case through the system with what he or she deems a “great deal.” The prosecutor is not there to protect your future or reputation. Only a trained criminal lawyer can advise you on your Minor in Possession charge so as to protect all your rights and interests.