Barnstable DA should appoint special prosecutor

Posted on May 28, 2011 by Joseph
The Cape and Islands DA Michael O’Keefe should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and possibly prosecute an incident where several off duty drug cops allegedly beat up a DJ at a bar.

DJ accuses officers of beating him |

As someone who has prosecuted cases myself, I understand the close relationship between prosecutors and officers. Though the prosecutor is supposed to be independent, it is rare that an assistant district attorney would question a police officer’s story. They will be working together again within weeks, so the prosecutor has an incentive to “go along to get along.” This poses a threat to justice in this matter.
Perhaps even more important, a special prosecutor will supervise the police investigation so that the police investigating other police are closely scrutinized for bias.
Narcotics police have a reputation for acting with impunity, often believing that they are “above the law.” DA O’Keefe can demonstrate his commitment to impartial justice by appointing a special prosecutor for this case.