Are Courthouses Safe?

Posted on July 17, 2020 by Joseph

Unlike most calendar engagements during the COVID emergency, physical court attendance may be compulsory. According to an Order by the trial court, in-person hearings are gradually resuming. If you have a court date scheduled, and you do not feel safe in an enclosed space for multiple hours, call your attorney immediately. They can ask the Court to waive your presence. If you have lost touch with your attorney due to the pandemic emergency, do not let your case sit in limbo. Contact a dedicated responsive attorney, who can work with other parties to accommodate your health concerns. Whatever you do, don’t just ignore your case, assuming it’s been resolved. In all likelihood it hasn’t been. The good news is that you may be able to resolve it without going near the courthouse building. Many operations have switched to virtual, and may remain that way.

So are courthouses safe? I cannot say “yes” based on my experiences physically showing up this week. Fortunately, with some proactive collaboration, good results can be closer than you think if you’re willing to attend a Zoom hearing. Not everything can be done online. Stay engaged in your case and keep in touch with your lawyer.